The Ocius Squad : A team of proactive IT experts at your service

Ocius Solutions

  • Systems Management
  • Website and Application Design and Programming
  • IT Projetcs and Implementation

Ocius Monitoring

  • Physical Disk Verification
  • Disk Usage Verification
  • Processor and Memory Verification

Ocius Protection

  • Managed Antivirus
  • Update Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Web Protection
  • Email Archiving and Protection

Ocius Profile

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  • Ocius Team

Ocius Help

  • User Support
  • Alerts
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Inventory and Reporting

Ocius Cloud

  • Data Backup
  • Secure Encryption
  • Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Instant Access

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Ocius Solutions

Is your company expanding?

Are you planning a special event or project?

Our team of consultants will help you lead your projects to term without you having to worry about the technical nature of the tasks.

Systems Management

A strict management of your systems and services adapted to your business reality.

  • File service management
  • Virtual server management
  • Print/fax server management
  • Email account and distribution list management
  • Network management
  • Security management
  • Automated configuration and customization of work environments
  • Third-party software user account management
  • Operation systems: Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android

Website and Application Design and Programming

You've got the idea of the century? We have the resources to help you achieve it. Our team of marketing experts, graphic designers and programmers will develop a website or application that will meet your expectations.

IT Projetcs and Implementation

Our ad hoc consulting services will allow you to accomplish the most demanding mandates at low cost and following the highest industry standards. Our team of experts is at your service to assist you with all your IT projects.

Ocius Monitoring

The Ocius Monitoring option performs rigorous monitoring and continuous analysis of your infrastructure.
Our real-time verification service optimizes the full potential of your devices and ensures the uninterrupted operation of your systems.

Hi I'm Doctor
Hi I'm Doctor

Physical Disk Verification

No hard drive on the market is foolproof and all have a limited operating life. We can quickly detect errors on your discs and provide replacements to prevent data loss.

Disk Usage Verification

We can easily help you determine safe operating limits for all of the computer disks that make up your infrastructure to prevent excessive use which could render them unusable.

Processor and Memory Verification

This process allows us to be informed in case of excessive use of resources caused by malware or a service that is causing a problem.

Ocius Protection

The Protection option enables us to detect problems even before they occur. Our tools use the latest technology and can ensure the safety and performance of your various computers.

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Managed Antivirus

Secures your data and provides effective protection for your servers and desktops against malware.

Installation is fast and simple and won't affect the performance of your devices.

Update Management

Updates most commonly used software (Java, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash, Microsoft, etc.) in order to have the latest security solutions and ensure the integrity of your infrastructure.

Firewall Management

Provides network protection by controlling the inbound and outbound traffic (sites visited, volume of data downloaded / uploaded, bandwidth, etc.), granting access to users and detecting attacks and intrusions.

Web Protection

Protects against dangerous websites by analyzing the bandwidth to detect any abnormal operation caused by spyware or other type of threats.

Email Archiving
and Protection

Protects from threats transmitted by electronic mail by filtering unwanted emails and offers permanent access to your messages by performing off-site archiving.

Ocius Help

All of your systems are under the surveillance of Ocius Help. It ensures your systems stability and reacts immediately to resolve small issues before they become major.

User Support

Immediate assistance enabling our agents to interact instantly with your users. Ocius provides support Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm and also offers a 24/7 emergency support service.


All of the services offered in our outsourcing contract can transmit alerts if a problem or a service interruption occurs, allowing us to be proactive about the situation and ensure the integrity of your infrastructure.

Mobile Device Management

Our management tools allow us to perform a complete inventory of your mobile device fleet, in addition to ensuring data security, the ability to remotely erase content and recover lost or stolen devices on both iOs and Android products.

Inventory and Reporting

Quickly determine all of the hardware features of your various computers and the software installed. Having an updated inventory facilitates the management of your IT budget, allows you to effectively manage your workforce and assess your resources, which facilitates problem solving.

Ocius Cloud

A safe virtual space that backs up and protects your data.

Ocius Cloud will make obsolete your existing backup tools.

Data Backup

By saving your data and infrastructure outside of your physical business, you protect them against theft, fire and natural disasters, minimizing the risk of information loss.

Secure Encryption

Backing up your data on the Ocius Cloud is more secure than traditional backup methods. Your data will be encrypted to the highest standards and replicated across multiple servers, guaranteeing permanent access to them.

Infrastructure Virtualization

By entrusting us with the hosting and management of your servers, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art equipment and benefit from most current updates to your infrastructure. You’ll also save money by virtualizing your infrastructure on our Cloud as you’ll no longer need to spend time and resources installing servers at your office.

Instant Access

Using a simple network connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile), you can safely access your data, no matter where you are. This increases your productivity.

Ocius Profile

Latin adverb meaning FASTER

We have as a mandate to respond faster than anyone else to all your IT needs.


Executive Assistant

« Our only objective is to provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your IT.»

From security to user support, or to support your infrastructure or to train your IT team, our flexible solutions will meet your most demanding expectations, no matter the size or nature of your business.

Our experienced team is rigorous and has cutting-edge technology tools to meet your needs.



Don't hesitate to contact us to receive more information regarding our products or services.

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  • 514-500-3985

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